Residential locks and security systems

Locks and security systems for individual homes and apartment complexes must offer protection against burglary and theft whilst being convenient and user-friendly.

From entrance security doors using traditional mechanical locks and cylinders to cutting-edge digital door locks and motorized cylinders, security solutions for residential applications should be suited to individual needs for safety, security and convenience. These can also include CCTV and alarm systems.

From safety entrance doors using traditional mechanical locks and inserts to state-of-the-art digital door locks and engine inserts, safety solutions for residential use must be tailored to individual safety, security and comfort requirements. They can also be CCTV and alarm systems.


The ASSA ABLOY door closers have been added to the Central Group residential buildings. Between 2015 and 2016, cooperation has taken place in several projects. Installed door closers ensure smooth passage to the main entrances of apartment complexes.

ByTy Malešice chose a CSN-certified closure to fit its security doors. Door closure can be set for seamless closing, closing and opening angles.