Providing security and monitoring access in corporate environments

The protection of sensitive business information is of utmost importance. Because of this, office buildings and corporate environments call for a high level of security.

The security solution for office buildings requires a high level of flexibility, where security also provides security doors, cylinder inserts, door fittings along with intelligent access systems. Large global companies may require a global access control system for all objects, which can then be controlled remotely. Employees should have easy and convenient use of all these products. In many cases, the access system is associated with attendance mode, which is, in addition to simple maneuverability and discrete. Based on requirements from both investors and architects, ASSA ABLOY fulfills all requirements.


ASSA ABLOY became a supplier of the complete door fitting of one of the largest office and commercial buildings in Prague - Florentina. The doors of the nine-storey administrative palace, including Penta Investments, Ernst & Young, Veolia and HSBC Bank, are equipped with 50 DA460 drives, 50 NEMEF panic locks, 300 electromechanical self locking locks EL460 / EL560, 900 door locks in stainless steel DC300 very tasteless stainless housings, 30 PED500 Panic Tracks and 1,000 pieces of Tonic Line fittings. On the entrance and busy doors special DC700 low-voltage cam switches are installed. The other entrance doors have been equipped with Securitron TSB's electronic touch bars for increased comfort.

The ArtGen office building in Prague Holešovice relies on security using electromechanical self-locking locks. Controls by contact from a card reader, keyboard or key enable these locks, the choice is from the deep or narrow lock of the lock.

Dorn in Brno is an administrative building, in which there were several door closers and door fittings in 2015. This solution provides flexible security and allows all visitors a smooth exit even in an emergency situation. Door closers are certified and can be fitted with a fire-resistant or smoke-tight door

In the years 2014-2015, door closers and locking mechanical locks were installed in the House U Páva in Liberec. The insertion locking lock with transmission is double-walled and allows the use of two-piece fittings. Top-mounted closers can be set for both right and left doors, and have the ability to adjust the closing, closing and opening speeds.

In the shopping center Quadrio in Prague, several door locks, panic mechanical traps have been installed since 2014. The push-pull panic bar is certified with locking locks and ensures locking at one point; it can be used for single-wing and double-wing doors.