Security and access control solutions in industrial premises

The industrial and utilities sector faces numerous security challenges such as extreme weather conditions, protection of sensitive research and development or manufacturing areas and multiple entrances and levels of access rights.

Technical infrastructure and the industrial sector need common security and access control solutions. Numerous security challenges, such as the protection of sensitive research, development and production areas, access rights, and extreme weather conditions are issues that can arise in the manufacturing sector. Therefore, it is important that the buildings are secured by electronic control systems, master key systems, panic arresters in emergency exits or other safety devices. All of these products provide access only to people who are called. Security requirements may vary depending on the type of operation (such as research and development, storage of fuel or energy) and the size and location of the object.


The premises of Erwin Junker Grinding Technology in Holice chose door closers from ASSA ABLOY. The products were delivered in 2014. Upper-mounted door closers can be used for both left and right doors and the closing, opening and opening speeds are infinitely adjustable.

Between 2011 and 2015, ASSA ABLOY cooperated with Bosch Diesel in České Budějovice. During this period, the system of general FAB + CLIQ was installed, the mechatronic system has a temporary access control function. You can use it for objects that require maximum flexibility of access rights.

At the end of 2014, ASSA ABLOY supplied 3 key cabinets Traka S series to the factory complex of the Danish toggle concern Lego in Kladno. In the key cabinets, keys will be stored for all premises in the premises. The investor chose the key cabinets of the Traka S series primarily thanks to a wide range of software extensions. The Traka 32 software includes a GSM communicator that sends SMS to the SMS administrator when the keys are not returned within a given time interval.
Key Cabinet The Traka S Series has 20 key positions including iFobs, a standard PIN keyboard, iFob lock, a TCP / IP network card for communication with control software. For Lego, key cabinets have been expanded by 10 positions, including lockable iFobs, with a total of 30 positions in each of the three Traka cabinets.

The MAPEI, one of the world's leading adhesives and construction chemists, has 70 branches and 64 production halls around the world. As part of the modernization of the office building in Olomouc, the management decided to install the doors with a modern access system. The ASSA ABLOY won its AperioTM wireless access control system.
ASSA ABLOY supplied 23 pieces of AperioTM E100 shield fittings that are connected to a total of 6 communication hubs. The entire AperioTM system is integrated into the GCS 7800 access system from GOLDCARD. The combination of AperioTM wireless technology and the GCS 7800 access system provides a high level of security with flexible access management.