Flexibility and security, these are the requirements that need to be met in the hotel segment

Products delivered to hotels must be easy to administer while meeting the safety and comfort of guests.

The ASSA ABLOY with its product portfolio can all meet ASSA ABLOY's ability to ensure hotel guest identification, room theft, and easy management of the entire system. Hotels are provided with hotel card locks and minibars.


Within the long-term cooperation, the hotel card VingCard is installed at the Marriott Hotel in Prague. These locks are specially designed for hotels. Thanks to their reliability, durability and robustness, they reduce maintenance costs and minimize the need for service interventions. VingCard locks can be integrated into new and refurbished buildings thanks to a wide range of finishes and fittings.

In January 2016, the delivery of 370 mini-bars to the InterContinental Prague Hotel was completed. For the Hospitality Division, it was the third successful delivery to this hotel. InterContinental Prague guests are protected by the VingCard Signature RFID access system in the online version, they can use their Elsafe safes to protect their stuff and can now find basic refreshments in the new ASSA ABLOY hotel minibars.

ASSA ABLOY successfully continues its cooperation with the largest Czech hotel and catering company EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel, which manages and operates over 40 hotels, resorts and accommodation complexes and twenty gastronomic facilities in the Czech Republic and abroad.
The Hotel in the beautiful surroundings of the Bohemian Paradise EA Zámecký Hotel Hrubá Skála **** is thanks to this cooperation newly equipped with TESA SPY PROXIMITY card system.

Another hotel in cooperation with EuroAgentur Hotels & Travels is the Business Hotel Jihlava, where VingCard Signature RFID card systems were delivered.

ASSA ABLOY Czech & Slovakia supported the reconstruction project of the Žižkov Tower.
In addition to the modernized observation observatory, the restaurant and bar are newly offered by One Room Hotel, a luxury six-star apartment for two people, 65 meters above sea level. It offers not only a beautiful view of Žižkov, but also the most modern luxury equipment. ASSA ABLOY Czech & Slovakia s.r.o., which has delivered its products free of charge to One Room Hotel, also provided the latest technology. It was a VingCard Signature RFID card lock in a special version, Elsafe Infinity RFID room safe in a luxury white finish, reception equipment and other wall-mounted readers. VingCard card locks are the most advanced technology of today, providing high user-friendliness with contactless identification. Also, the Elsafe Infinity RFID is a premium product in its category and is fully compatible with Signature RFID locks, so the host can use only one entry card and safe. This is undoubtedly the highest installed VingCard Elsafe device over the capital.

King's Casino offers a range of casino heros with the largest poker room in Europe. It lies 5 minutes from the German border. There are tournaments for players from around the world such as the Eureka Poker Tour.
The ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Division has added card locks to the hotel and associated facilities around Rozvadov, which are part of the King's Casino. In total, 135 VingCard Signature RFIDs were installed in the offline version.

Three large projects, in which ASSA ABLOY supplied a total of 200 hotel card chairs to three hotels, managed to obtain the Hospitality Division in Karlovy Vary. The largest of them was realized at the Luxury Spa Hotel OLYMPIC PALACE, where 125 TESA SPY Design hotel systems were delivered. This hotel with more than a hundred years of history, which has undergone a complete reconstruction and has been expanded to a modern building, was reopened in August 2015 and offers not only modern rooms, but also a comprehensive spa treatment, a wellness area and a salt cave.

Another 30 pieces of the TESA SPY Design system were delivered to the luxurious Luxury Spa Hotel Atlantic Palace, one of the most outstanding architectural buildings in Karlovy Vary, and is listed on the list of cultural monuments.

In May 2015, the annex of 36 rooms in the Golf and Spa Resort CIHELNY opened just a few kilometers from Karlovy Vary. To this hotel, ASSA ABLOY has supplied 45 VingCard Signature RFID card system, which fits perfectly into the hotel's modern design and will help connect the golf clubhouse, hotel rooms, extensive wellness center and restau

In November 2014, ASSA ABLOY implemented the VingCard Classic card locks on RFID contactless technology in one of the largest hotels in Moravia - Holiday Inn Brno. Thanks to this upgrade, both the staff and the clientele have gained more user-friendliness. Non-contact technology provides a very high level of security against cloning of control media - RFID cards can not be copied and eliminate erroneous reading due to dirt in the reader slot. In addition, RFID cards can be shared almost unlimited with other hotel technologies. Upgrades covered all 260 card locks installed in the hotel.

The spa complex Spa Teplice in Bohemia was supplied with VingCard card locks. All four spa houses were newly equipped with 443 VingCard Classic RFID locks, the delivery also included an extension of 32 wall and 11 lift reading units.
Spa Teplice is the oldest spa in Central Europe, and its tradition dates back to the 12th century. They specialize in the treatment of the locomotive apparatus. Every year, they visit about 17,000 visitors.

At the end of 2013 the first most comprehensive stage was installed - the Beethoven spa house with 206 castles. Already in January 2014, the second phase of the Císařský Spa was carried out. 76 card VingCard Classic RFID locks have been installed in this building.
Altogether, all four spa houses will be equipped with 443 VingCard Classic RFID Locks, the delivery will also be expanded by 32 Wall and 11 Lift Reading Units.
Spa Teplice is the oldest spa in Central Europe, and its tradition dates back to the 12th century. They specialize in the treatment of the locomotive apparatus. Every year, they visit about 17,000 visitors.