World class access for patients, staff and visitors in healthcare environments

In a healthcare environment, limiting and monitoring access to certain areas at certain times of day is key to providing safe and germ-free environments.

The clinics, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies are facilities that need to provide specific security for entry into the premises. Installed products that ensure smooth operation of medical devices and offer automatic inputs are supplied by ASSA ABLOY. Discrete and smart and effective solutions are flexible and suitable for patients, healthcare professionals and visitors. To protect the spread of infections, for example, elbow switches and antimicrobial door handles are installed.


St. Anne's Faculty Hospital in Brno uses the advantages of door closers that are certified and can be used for fireproof and smoke-tight doors. Door closers can be installed on the left and right doors and the closing force can be adjusted.

Long-term cooperation with the Faculty Hospital in Motol. All parts of the hospital, such as operating theaters, wards, waiting rooms, and nursing homes, need flexible security, just like ASSA ABLOY offers.

In 2015, the ASSA ABLOY electric locks were installed at Mladá Boleslav Regional Hospital. Electromechanical locks can be provided with a narrow or wide lattice and a self-locking function to ensure that the barrier is automatically released when the door is closed.

In 2013, the hospital in Uherské Hradiště was installed a fire door from ASSA ABLOY. Door closers on which the closing and closing speed of the door can be adjusted and the opening angle ensures that the hospital operates smoothly in any situation.

ASSA ABLOY and its certified integration partner GOLDCARD, spol. s.r.o. became the main supplier of the access system of the refurbished rehabilitation center of the Beroun hospital. The Pavilion of the Rehabilitation Center consists of three interconnected buildings, which the investor wanted to secure by a quality access system. The main requirement of the investor was the high security of access to individual parts of the center with access management. A comprehensive solution to the demands of the investor was brought by the combination of AperioTM wireless technology with wire solution and EM Marine readers from GOLDCARD. The investor chose AperioTM primarily because of the ease of installation on the door wing. 40 pcs of AperioTM E100 and 20 pcs of EM Marine reader protects the entrance door to the staff, patient rooms and common areas.