Integrated solutions for educational environments

The environment of schools and educational institutions must be secured by suitable products that provide objects to unauthorized persons.

Learning objects are provided by intelligent access systems, door closers and other products that meet security requirements. Educational facilities where lecture halls, classrooms, sports facilities, and student hostels are located rely on access control and room monitoring for ASSA ABLOY products. A key element is openness, but some spaces must have limited access.


ASSA ABLOY realized the delivery of the key cabinet TRAKA 32 in Prague Karlín to the Academy of Arts. Students of bachelor and master courses have access only to certain parts of the school. Managing access and keykeeping and key issues in such a complex complex requires a simple and effective system. Using TRAKA 32 key cabinet will simplify access control and prevent key loss. Access to individual sections is only allowed to authorized persons. TRAKA 32 shows the occupancy and use of the studios. The installation was carried out by the affiliate company Trade FIDES, a.s ..

University of Pardubice is the only university university in the Pardubice Region. This public college, with almost 8.5 thousand students, is divided into 7 faculties, so students can choose from studying economic, artistic, natural, and other subjects.
At the university, a mechatronic FAB + CLIQ system was installed between 2013 and 2015. This master key system offers high security and allows access only to people in designated areas. FAB + CLIQ combines standard cylindrical inserts with modern electronics.

In 1989 Opava was founded in Silesian University, ASSA ABLOY supplied to this university door closers and electromechanical locks. Product installation took place in 2014. Door closers have adjustable shutter speed and door closing. All products are certified according to Czech trade rules.

The Higher Technical and Industrial Electrotechnical School in Pilsen belongs to the Youth Home. The accommodation capacity of 697 seats available at home is one of the largest in the Czech Republic.
The Aperio wireless system facilitates entry control here. ASSA ABLOY supplied a complete 210 hardware Aperio E100 door hardware that communicates with 20 pieces of communication hubs, 210 mechanical locking locks and 210 cylindrical inserts. Aperio is integrated into the existing attendance system from Z-WARE. The combination of wireless technology and the access system provides a high level of security.

At the National Technical Library, which belongs to the Czech Technical University in Prague, electric locks from ASSA ABLOY were installed between 2013 and 2014. These electromechanical self-locking locks can be controlled by contact from a card reader, keyboard, button etc. Locks are designed for entry, escape, fire and passage doors, the lock function is optional.