FAB 5220

  • single-walled, right-left
  • locking the lock over the 6 mm nut over the toilet bowl
  • designed for doors without increased safety
  • the lock is not locked, the bolt can be extended by a nut with a square hole (6 x 6 mm) with built-in locking
  • turning the lock from right to left and on the contrary allowing a split shooter. By simply enabling the respective bolt, the trigger head is released, ejected, rotated by 180 °, pushed back to the latch guide and tightened.
  • holes in side plates of 8 mm diameter allow the use of two-piece fittings (rosette)
  • polochromate

Technical parameters
spacing 72mm, backset 40mm, depth of 60mm
front face width 18mm or 20mm, head height 200mm, front thickness 3mm
upper nut 8mm, lower nut 6mm

Unifab counterparts
fitting pitch 72mm
round rosette fittings
WC loop

5220/18 standard locking lock, 18mm front
5220/20 standard locking lock, 20mm front