FAB 5140

  • mortice lock for cylinder with gear
  • double-walled, right-left
  • holes in side plates of 7 mm diameter allow the use of two-piece fittings to convert the lock from right to left and on the other hand allows a split shooter. By releasing the respective screw, the head of the latch is released, pushed, rotated by 180 °, slid back to the latch guide, and tightened by screw
  • the oval opening in the cover and base plate of 9 mm diameter allows the use of safety shields that are fastened with 3 screws or in a newer version with 1 bolt and 2 bolts

Technical parameters:
pitch 90mm, backset 50.5 mm, 80mm beam depth
front width 18mm, 20mm or 22mm, front height 230mm, front thickness 3mm
walnut unburnt 8mm

cylindrical insert FAB
fitting pitch 90mm
round rosette fittings

5140/18 standard locking lock, 18mm front
5140/18 PP Mortise lock fire protection, 18mm front
5140/20 standard locking lock. 20mm forehead
5140/20 PP Mortise lock fire protection, 20mm front
5140/22 standard locking lock. 22mm forehead
5140/22 PP Mortise lock fire protection, 22mm front