NEMEF 1921

  • panic lock according to EN1125 and EN179
  • lock right / left
  • use in the passive door leaf
  • panic function: By pressing the crank from the inside, the wheelbarrows are pulled back and the lock of the active lock (1901) is pushed out of the passive wing outwards, thus releasing the two door wings. When the door is opened, the wheelchairs are held in an unlocked position by a panic plug, the passive wing will automatically move the wheelbase
  • design - galvanized surface

Technical parameters:
spacing 72mm, backset 65mm, 84.5mm warp depth
front face width 24mm, head height 235mm, front thickness 3mm
upper nut divided 9mm

Delay Panic PED500, PED700 and Eurosmart
1932 wheelbarrows
1935 panic plug
1936 wheelbase holder
1937 Upper Cup
1939 floor cup