FAB 3000HD/ 3000

  • 6-pin system with overlapping profile + additional top-groove key (HD)
  • profile: Private family of FAB SGHK profile profiles
  • brass nickel alloy
  • package - 10 pcs bag / 100pcs box
  • controlled contract distribution
  • copying of keys only on the basis of a contract concluded with the owner of the system, legal protection against unauthorized copying, patent CZ 302686, utility models CZ 20509 U1 and CZ 22428 U1

Types of products for which the key can be used:
double-sided cylindrical insert FAB 3000HD / 3000
one-sided cylindrical insert FAB 3001HD / 3001
Button lock cylinder FAB 3002HD / 3002
Padlocks FAB 3010HNs, FAB 3011HN, 3011HD3HN and 3011HD4BH
FAB 2061B additional lock insert
body thread insert FAB 2039
Key FAB 2066 BN