• to use the choice of two coins
  • the value of the coin can be chosen from CZK 5, -Kč and CZK 20 (to be specified when ordering)
  • the coin serves as a deposit for closing, after the lock is opened, the coin is returned
  • use a five-pin cylindrical insert
  • for simple and quick replacement when the key is lost, there is a lock with replaceable cylindrical insert
  • the key can only be removed in the locked position
  • specific for the right and left doors
  • surface finish:
  • - body of cylindrical insert - chrome plated brass
  • - metal hook barrier
  • - keys - nickel-plated brass
  • - lock cover - black hardened plastic
  • - mechanics - galvanized steel
  • - coin box - black hardened plastic
  • package with two keys

The figure shows the right door design