• an additional lock suitable for securing inward right and left door entry doors with a thickness of 35 mm to 55 mm
  • the distance of the cylindrical insert axis from the edge of the door is optional for 50 mm or 60 mm mounting
  • supplied in a set with a cylindrical insert or separately
  • the standard cylindrical insert can be replaced by a FAB 2061, FAB 2032, FAB 2232 or FAB 2415 cylindrical insert. When using these cylindrical inserts, use in the master and main key system
  • possibility of unification on a joint closure (SU)
  • comes with 3 keys

surface finish:
- lock case - cut, satin nickel plated and varnished

- Anti - Cut, Satin Nickel and Varnished

- cylindrical insert - ground brass

- knob - cut, satin nickel plated and varnished