FAB 1574

  • additional lock for right and left door doors 40 to 45 mm wide
  • when locking on the lock on the first west, the door can be opened for a limited distance of the drawbar, while locking it on the two wests ensures that the door is locked in the frame
  • supplied in FAB 2032 cylindrical insert set or available without cylindrical insert
  • the standard insert can be replaced by FAB 220RS, FAB 2032, FAB 2232, FAB 2415 or FAB 2061 cylindrical inserts
  • possibility of uniting on a common closure (SU) with other FAB products
  • when replacing the standard cylindrical insert, it is also possible to use the SGHK FAB 300, FAB 3000, FAB Dynamic, FAB Control or FAN 2061
  • optional option with increased drilling resistance (B)
  •  with an identification card and six keys

 Surface finishes:
cylindrical insert - polished brass or glossy nickel
lock case - black or white
antitank cover - black or white
button - white