FAB 300HD/FAB 300

• SGHK mechanical (general and master key) systems suitable for middle projects
• Certified under ČSN EN 1627:2012 in Safety Class RC 3
• Meets NBÚ requirements for “Type 2 locking system” pursuant to Act 528/2005
• Key patent protection – patent CZ 302686, utility models CZ 20509 U1 and CZ 22428 U1
• Key copy made only at the factory or at an authorized FAB partner under pre-agreed security rules
• Compatible with all standard fittings
• Protection against “trying out” using an overlapping profile
• Immune to the non-destructive “bumping” method through the use of specially shaped tumblers and
additional locking elements
• Protection against drilling through the use of inserted hardened steel elements - optional
• Single-row system, 5 vertically mounted tumblers and upright blocking blades in the HD design
• Europrofile according to the DIN standard
• Cylinder length from 59 mm (29,5 + 29,5 mm)
• The SGHK system can combine cylinders, padlocks, additional locks and other FAB products
• Optional button types for button inserts – black Ø 22mm, metal Ø 20mm and metal Ø 29mm
• Cylindrical insert with a toothed wheel (10 or 12 teeth) can be produced to order
• Inserts can be equipped with a transmission clutch where the insert can be operated even when
the key is inserted from the other side – optional
• Surface treatment: chrome or matt nickel on request (Nm designation)