SMARTair™ it´s the perfect solution for your building!

Thanks to the system’s smart technology and lack of wiring, the system fits easily on to every type of building. SMARTair™ will meet all kind of requirements and create a user friendly environment.


In health centers such as psychiatric facilities, seniors, etc., SMARTair ™ provides access only to people in areas dedicated to storing sensitive data, materials, etc. These devices require continuous supervision and therefore necessary access at any time. The system can be supplied with antibacterial treatment.


SMARTair ™ provides schools, colleges, universities, nursery schools and student anti-theft hostels.

Sport facilities

SMARTair ™ is the perfect solution for checking access to stadiums, gyms, arenas, spas and swimming pools. These areas often have a number of areas and services with different entry points. The SMARTair ™ system also offers special lock locks.

Public buildings

SMARTair ™ provides secure access to government offices, museums, city facilities, cultural centers, theaters or even railway stations. The system offers a variety of security ranges.

Shopping centers & administration buildings

For offices, shops, shopping centers and pharmacies, SMARTair ™ provides sophisticated but flexible security solutions for building and interior protection. Valuable business data and products are protected against unauthorized access.


For managers apartment, board and hotel managers, SMARTair ™ has the problem of copying keys or replacing traditional locks and keys.