Where is SMARTair used?

  • Large and small offices
  • Co-working spaces
  • Public sector offices

Who is considered?

  • Permanent workers
  • Mobile and hot-desk workers
  • Cleaning staff
  • Other external staff
  • Visitors

Common Challenges

Almost every office has users with different profiles and different security needs — your access rights management must be flexible. The ability to control multiple sites, remotely and from any device, brings your facility manager’s job into the 21st century. Efficiency through technology and device aesthetics are important to modern offices.

SMARTair solution

SMARTair brings powerful functionality to every building, including real-time control with SMARTair’s Wireless Online option. Additional features for offices include:  

  • Remote management - monitor from any location on any device
  • Wall readers for lifts/elevators, even filtering access to specific floors
  • Virtual keys on a smartphone in the Openow™ app


ULab Co-Working

Company Type:
ULab Co-Working

Alicante, Spain


Management System:
Wireless Online

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