SMARTair® - the access control system offering multiple credentials

Electronic locks provide advanced, user-friendly access management — with multiple credential options.

A SMARTair wireless access control system is built around three main elements.

With intuitive management software, facility managers control, identify and update exactly who can open every door. They get an instant overview of their site’s security status. The user-friendly interface is accessible from almost any standard PC, tablet or smartphone. Furthermore the Openow mobile solution allows to send, revoke and update virtual keys over the air in seconds. 

There are SMARTair locks and other devices to secure just about any opening, in all kinds of buildings. Our escutcheons and cylinders fit interior and exterior doors. Wall readers control access to lifts, high-traffic entrance doors, and car parks. Cabinet locks ensure documents or medicines are safe, and are fully monitored within the main access control platform. More product technical information are available in the SMARTair product catalogue.

More product technical information are available here

SMARTair also gives users a choice of credentials, so they can open doors securely with a fob or mobile phone, as well as a standard electronic key-card. Lost or stolen keys no longer present a problem, because these secure electronic credentials can be cancelled or reissued instantly. Users of a SMARTair access control system can open doors with their mobile phone and the Openow app, converting their smartphone into a secure virtual key. 

Discover the benefits of a SMARTair access control system

Real-time access control

What’s happening at your premises right now? Working together, SMARTair’s intuitive access control software and wireless door entry system provide a detailed security overview of the building: who enters, where and when? With a SMARTair access control system you stay in control, in real time.

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Time-saving management of keys and users

Because SMARTair has a portfolio of  tailor-made solutions, you can choose the system you need to manage access with minimum hassle. Time schedules and permissions calendars for different user groups are easy to create with the intuitive software. So, should the CEO lose her key-card, cancelling it and issuing a replacement is simple, secure and instantaneous. If cleaners are permitted access only after office hours, SMARTair electronic locks can handle it. If a team relocates to a nearby office, it’s easy to change their access rights en masse.

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A modern, mobile solution for your premises

SMARTair mobile solutions give security administrators the ability to open electronic door locks remotely — from the palm of their hand, from anywhere. With our Bluetooth-powered Openow app, site users receive virtual keys on a smartphone, so there’s no need to visit a security office to update their credential.

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Intuitive software for easy facility management

The management software at the heart of a SMARTair access control system is a powerful but user-friendly tool. It enables security administrators to program specific access time authorizations for every user, manage multiple calendars, and obtain audit trails from every electronic lock.

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Robust devices with modern design aesthetics

As well as electronic locks, cylinders, escutcheons, and wall readers, SMARTair has wireless access control devices for cabinets, lifts, vending machines, and lockers. They fit all types of doors and access points, and are attractive enough for high-spec co-working spaces and prize-winning architecture.

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A custom solution for your specific need

We develop trusted wireless door access products that cater for many specialist sectors. SMARTair is deployed in  hospitals, universities, office buildings, national parks, labs, libraries and many, many more settings.

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