Incedo: training and support to assist with your access control system

Education and knowledge is a key part of Incedo, with the ever increasing amount of Incedo enabled hardware, we want to ensure that you understand how to wire different devices to our core Hardware products.

If you would like to learn more about the installation of our Incedo metal enclosure (EAC-M50), you can download our Installation Guide which covers in detail the steps to ensure a safe and smooth installation.

Below is a collection of videos for you to watch and learn from.  We cover various topics on wiring to our core metal enclosure, (EAC-M50) as well as to the plastic housing variations Cluster controller (EAC-CP5) and Door reader module (EAC-DP5).

The metal enclosure (EAC-M50) comes with both a cluster controller and door reader module already fitted in the box, whereas the EAC-CP5 and EAC-DP5 are in separate boxes, which can be modularly fitted together. 

In the videos we highlight wiring different locks, our Aperio hubs, Readers, RTE and Door contacts amongst others, see the content below for more information.