Incedo Business Cloud system management boosts the control you have over your premises. Because it runs securely in the cloud, Incedo Business Cloud offers real-time, remote control around the clock and from anywhere. Any PC with an internet connection keeps you in contact with your security, even when there is nobody on-site.

Incedo Business Cloud management also reduces the start-up costs of switching to electronic access control. With Incedo Business Cloud, you can operate a robust access control system without a specialist IT department or a dedicated PC to administer the system. You do not need servers or other expensive hardware, because all your access control data is hosted off-site in a secure environment with ISO 27001 accreditation.

And with Cloud management, you can scale up or down almost instantly as your organisation’s needs change.

As with all Incedo Business system management options, Incedo Business Cloud puts you in total control of exactly who should access which doors — and when. You can upgrade between the different system management options at any time.

You can control thousands of doors or users from an Incedo Business Cloud system, and bring all your premises into a single, unified access management system.

Installers also benefit from choosing Incedo Business Cloud management, as it's always on accessibility means there is no need for service personnel to be physically on-site in order to provider system support. You can run diagnostics remotely on any Incedo Business Cloud installation.

Incedo Business Cloud management eliminates the “hidden costs” of running access control, including the support costs of a server and maintenance call-out charges.

Key Incedo Business Cloud system management features:

  • 24/7 remote access from any PC or tablet** with an internet connection
  • ISO/IEC 27001 accredited environment
  • A single-system solution with additional features and functionality
  • Increased capacity for more wired and wireless doors across the system
  • Ability to take advantage of offline solution, reducing installation costs while maintaining security**
  • Quick and easy Controller onboarding
  • Secure multiple sites as a single system
  • Multiple logins with different permission levels
  • Expanded door modes allowing more flexible configurations each day
  • Increased number of access groups ensuring higher security
  • Comprehensive analytics**
  • Regular software updates
  • Easy set-up

*with multiple browsers and local network connection

** available on future release

Data security & confidentiality

At ASSA ABLOY we treat your data with the strictest confidentiality.  We maintain an Information Security Management System, certified according to the ISO 27001 standard, to govern security controls for the development and ongoing operations of our Cloud management software services.

ASSA ABLOY continually reviews and updates its policies, procedures and operational practices to align with data protection and security regulations in the regions where we operate.