ASSA ABLOY Incedo: System Management

Choose between three system management variants, our first to launch is Lite and there will soon also be Plus and Cloud variants available, offering you greater options to manage your premises.

The Incedo security ecosystem comes with a range of management options, enabling you to tailor an Incedo system to your precise security and access control needs.

Incedo system management keeps you on top of all your security tasks, in real time. New locks and other solutions plug straight in, offering seamless integration across all your security functions.

All three Incedo system management options — Lite, Plus and Cloud — are simple to install and completely flexible. You can scale up on demand or upgrade an Incedo system whenever security demands change at your site.

However your world moves, an Incedo platform moves with you.

Incedo Lite

Manage all your security software and hardware together from a single environment. This feature-rich platform solution is easy to set up and manage from a PC, so you keep everyone moving together.

Incedo Plus

Step up from Incedo Lite with added functionality and access control features. Manage multiple sites and enjoy seamless integration with third-party security products and services. Incedo Plus launches [REGIONAL DATE, MONTH/YEAR]

Incedo Cloud

Step up from Incedo Plus to manage all your needs in a secure cloud. With Incedo Cloud system management, you can access your Incedo system around the clock from any smart device. Incedo Cloud launches [REGIONAL DATE, MONTH/YEAR]