Where is CLIQ used?

  • Warehouses and logistics hubs, including storage areas and offices
  • Cash transportation vehicles

Who is considered?

  • Managers/Logistics Staff
  • Mobile Workers and Contractors


Access control must suit workers rarely in one place for long. Access points to protect include doors, cabinets and portable units. Event logging and audit trails enable you to investigate losses and other incidents. You need a range of options for your staff to update access permissions away from base.

CLIQ Solution

CLIQ’s powerful key access control functionality protects all kinds of transport and logistics businesses, at doors and other access points. Additional features adapted to this sector include:

  • Portable devices for key reprogramming on the move
  • CLIQ Connect for managing mobile workforce access via smartphone
  • Additional PIN-protection for mobile rights updating


Company Type:
Logistic and distribution group

Oranienburg, Germany


Management System:
CLIQ Web Manager

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