At a Frankfurt hospital, CLIQ® made the switch to electronic locking easy

With 32 clinics and 20 research institutes, University Hospital Frankfurt is the largest hospital in the Hesse region

The customer

University Hospital Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany


CLIQ devices installed:
1,100 CLIQ locking cylinders & keys


The challenge

4,500 staff to protect

University Hospital Frankfurt’s curative, care, laboratory and technical areas treat 220,000 outpatients and 50,000 in-patients every year.

Extensive new construction, expansion and renovation in multi-phase building stages has been in progress for many years, including for new access control.


Key requirements included:

  • Provide access control with a track record protecting healthcare staff and patients Europe-wide
  • Continue the upgrade with an CLIQ locking system, which has provided years of faultless operation
  • Filter access electronically and efficiently at buildings including 32 clinics and 20 research centres

The solution

Extend with CLIQ

Thanks to its high level of modularity and simple operation, a decision was quickly made to install an CLIQ locking system.

The new key-based electronic access control at University Hospital Frankfurt uses 1,100 cylinders with an equal number of keys, plus a web administration back-end.


Ongoing commitment

Wall-mounted programmers include units with anti-vandalism protection.

The hospital’s facility management experts, HOST, are so impressed with CLIQ that various buildings will be equipped with the same technology in the final construction stage of this large project.

Rapid-locking, modular cylinders which can be individually adapted in combination with very sturdy and user-friendly keys: CLIQ thoroughly meets these requirements.”

Michael Molz, Managing Director, HOST